How to work with lists of links

Today we’ll show you how to easily add a list of links to one of your widget areas. The process is really simple; you just have to know where to look.

In your backend, roll over the ‘Links’ tab in the left column, then click the ‘Categories’ sublink. Create a new category for your new links (‘Related Resources’, ‘Bands We Like’, ‘Further Reading’, whatever is appropriate to your aims). Now, still under ‘Links’, click ‘Add New’ to create your first link. You’ll be able to give it a visitor-facing simple name, a URL, a description if you like, and remember to assign it to your new category. Repeat this step for each of the outside links you want in your list.

Once that’s done, it’s a simple matter of adding a ‘Bookmarks’ widget to any widgetized area of your site template (see ‘How to work with widgets‘) and selecting your new links category for display. It’s unfortunate that WordPress didn’t name that particular widget ‘Links’, since bookmarks are links, but after that you’re all set.

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