Why choose MightyLittleWebsites.com?

A MightyLittleWebsites.com website is simple enough for beginners to create a credible online presence, and powerful and flexible enough to grow with you as your business grows.

You stay focused on getting your message across, we provide the templates, guidance, content management system, domain setup and hosting, and do all the behind-the-scenes technical stuff to keep you moving forward.

  • Simple, fast start
  • Clean layout
  • Highly customizable
  • Expertly vetted and tested plugins
  • Search savvy — not just search-friendly
  • A lot less money than custom design
  • Rock solid, cloud-based hosting, stress-free maintenance, security, and backup
  • Continues to meet evolving user and web standards / won’t become obsolete
  • No hidden fees
  • You own your domain name and content

How is this different from other start-up or DIY websites?

“Cheap” isn’t always cost-effective. Some bargain website companies promise features that cost you a la carte. Some hold your content captive to their proprietary system. Some don’t even give you real ownership of your domain name.

MightyLittleWebsites.com sites are WordPress-based, so your content is portable, lots of easy customization options are built in, and your domain name is YOURS.  Expect no less.

And unlike other so-called ‘turnkey’ WordPress-based solutions, we don’t just hand you a default-level set-up. We’ve perfected a tightly integrated set of best-of-class plugins that turn a simple WordPress site into a small business powerhouse. And because we’re on top of upgrades and evolving web practices, your site will stand the test of time.

Who uses MightyLittleWebsites.com websites for their ventures?

Small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, artists, musicians, farmers, craftsmen, hobbyists, trainers, speakers, freelancers, writers, authors, coaches, consultants, tradesmen, attorneys, activists, and other small (but mighty) organizations like yours.

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