Holiday Marketing

December can be a marketer’s dream or nightmare. Need some perspective? Here’s an important tip: Use a professional email marketing service (like Mailchimp) to send your newsletters and other mass email communications to your clients and prospects. Why? If you don’t do mass emailing perfectly (accidentally stepping in the proverbial doodoo in any of a […]

Do you have the chops to DIY?

Most of our customers come to us because they want to manage their own content but let someone professional deal with the technical stuff. Many of them ask us how complicated the WordPress interface will be for them to use. Answer: It’s pretty easy – but it depends on your basic computer skills, and your […]

Keywords and key phrases — how do I use ’em?

Here at, we get lots of questions about search engine optimization (SEO) and competing for keywords in search results. “What about META keywords in my page headers?” in particular is a question we’ve heard a lot this past year. Keywords are old technology. Keywords are an old way google and other search engines once used — before the mid-2000’s — to […]

Put your mettle to the pedal

Overheard’ on a client’s Facebook wall: “If you want to know what you’re worth, just ask your boss. If you want to know what you’re made of … be the boss.” Jackson Grey’s Chad Verhoff pours this extraordinary mettle into beautiful metals. And gems. And ohhhh… Check them out:, opening soon in Chagrin Falls.

Content Management Best Practices Presentation

Big thanks to COSE, the 2014 Small Business Convention, and all the awesome small business owners who attended our presentation on ‘Managing Your WordPress Website Content’. We got the opportunity to share some fundamentals and best practices around some of the specifics of how WordPress handles content management. I experimented with a more work-along style of […]

Bot-free. Just how we like it.

Monitoring server activity for anomalies. Monitoring user account logins for suspicious bot activity. Regularly in touch with our trusted support entourage to ensure our site security – and our clients’. And following communication best practices, like the ones suggested in this Wall Street Journal article: Just another day in the life of your proactive web […]

Workshops! Whee!

Excited to announce we’ve been chosen as speakers for the 2014 COSE Small Business Convention! We’ll be leading two workshops: “Finding your Brand Voice” and “Managing your WordPress Website Content.” COSE is the nation’s largest small business support organization. With nearly 14,000 members, COSE is a major advocate and resource network for Northeast Ohio small businesses. […]

Up your networking game: Spring ’14 biz opps in the CLE

Up your game –and your contacts – with these outstanding upcoming networking and business education opportunities in the Cleveland area. (Yes, we’re from Cleveland. Best location in the nation, baby!) EXPOse yourselves to other businesses and ideas! Build your skills and confidence.  Network your butts off. We’re goin’ for the gold this spring … come […]

No Heartbleed Here!

April 16, 2014 – Last week the intertubes were rocked by the discovery of a serious vulnerability in a recent version of OpenSSL, a software library used by millions of websites to encrypt and secure your connection to their sites. The “Heartbleed bug” allows hackers to read the memory of the systems using the vulnerable […]