Is it really as easy as it sounds?

Pretty much! Although your content won’t write or upload itself. And you’ll want to choose visual elements that reflect your personal or business’ style. Like anything worth doing well, you’ll want to give it quality attention.  After all, you’re worth it.

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WordPress is easy to learn. We start you out right with a free tutorial, taught personally by a key member of our staff. We have Getting Started and How-to articles to help you further, and there are many more online tutorials written by the community who developed and maintains the awesome WordPress framework.

The basics:

  1. SIGN UP! Our easy online ordering system gets you going with domain name registration, content management system, and hosting / maintenance.
  2. PICK A THEME FROM OUR SELECTION OF VISUAL TEMPLATES.  You’ll have control over changing colors, background patterns, and other visual elements of your selected theme.
  3. CREATE AND POST YOUR OWN CONTENT.  We do the time on the technical end; you put your energies into writing and posting your own copy, photos, logo, events, etc. on your website, using the easy, password-protected, content administration area. You’re in control!

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