Holiday Marketing

December can be a marketer’s dream or nightmare. Need some perspective?

Here’s an important tip: Use a professional email marketing service (like Mailchimp) to send your newsletters and other mass email communications to your clients and prospects.

Why? If you don’t do mass emailing perfectly (accidentally stepping in the proverbial doodoo in any of a dozen less-than-obvious ways), your email address and domain name can get blacklisted as a spammer, making it impossible to send out subsequent emails, effectively undoing all your good intentions to connect with your audience AND damaging your brand’s good name.white hatwebres

Professional services like Mailchimp adhere to “white hat” (read: best) practices and take the hit themselves in the unlikely event of a protocol screwup, keeping your name (and list and capabilities) in the clear.

The good folks at Mailchimp have created a collection of great tips for your holiday marketing consideration. Check it out!

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