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Website Planning: Why be strategic?

"you are here" Ever go looking for a product or service online and have this kind of experience? “Hi, name is Sloppy Sam and I don’t want your business.  So thanks for stopping by to look at my user-unfriendly website, now go away so you can find info from someone who actually cares about meeting your needs.”

The public’s experience of your brand IS your brand. So it behooves you to be strategic about the way you present yourself. Your website should be a simple, cost-effective vehicle for demonstrating your capabilities, building credibility, making connections, and most importantly, offering value.  Not sure how to start, or how to shift gears with the site you already have?

Join us for a productive, entertaining trip to website success at the next Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce (HRCC) Business Breakfast, Thursday November 20, 2014 at 8:00 am at 700 BETA in Mayfield Village, OH. Register here.

HRCC provides the relaxed networking environment, Panera provides the breakfast treats, and we’ll teach you how to chart the strategic roadmap for creating a relevant, engaging, results-oriented website.


UPDATE November 20: For those who want the complete presentation, here’s the PowerPoint and a PDF version.


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