What does it cost?

A fully-featured MightyLittleWebsites.com website and all these great tools and support are yours for just $375 for set up and $40 per month for top-notch hosting, maintenance and backup. Some discounts may apply! We like to reward referrals, local chamber of commerce membership, and other proactive behavior. 

Need to accept payments from customers?  All our themes are commerce-ready, at no extra charge.

“I’ve seen cheaper options than this!”

Yep, other companies offer dirt-cheap DIY websites. Trouble is, you don’t get much but a credit card bill. (Oh, yeah, and the surprise of paying extra for a la carte features, of your content being hostage to a proprietary system, and maybe not even really owning your domain name.)

Because we’ve vetted the top-of-the-line templates and plugins to play nicely together, your MightyLittleWebsites.com website is fully-featured right out of the gate, for one price. Because it’s WordPress, you CAN take it with you. And your domain name is YOURS.  Period. Expect no less.