Getting Started

You’re gonna love how user-friendly WordPress is. The admin area is sensibly designed, and there’s lots of cool stuff you can do once your basic site is up and you’re ready to effect more detailed control of its behavior and appearance.

Once you’re signed up and we’ve switched on your site, we’ll contact you with log in info so you can begin building your site and adding content.

And we’ll give you a personalized, one-on-one how-to-use-WordPress tutorial!

These intro articles can also give you a few basic key skills:

  1. Logging in / Settings – accessing your admin area and adjusting settings
  2. Pages and Posts – the backbones of your site’s content
  3. Working with Menus – creating navigation to connect visitors with your content

(If you already have WordPress experience, please do skim these brief articles to familiarize yourself with the differences between your® site and other run-of-the-mill WordPress sites.)

For more in-depth how-tos, check out our support articles here.