What services does my monthly payment cover?

Site hosting, email, Google Analytics account, responsive technical support Ongoing maintenance of and timely, pre-tested upgrades to the WordPress core and supplemental plugins as they become available Robust security and anti-spam measures Nightly back up of your files and databases to multiply-redundant storage Notification of domain name renewal time (if MightyLittleWebsites.com manages your domain name)

How do I access my email?

All MightyLittleWebsites.com sites’ email is set up on Gmail’s mail servers. We set you up with a domain-specific gmail account once your domain name is live and pointing to your site. Once that is set up, you’ll access your mail by going to mail.yoursitename.com. If you want to forward your email to another server (e.g., […]

I just got billed for domain name renewal. I thought domain names were free, what gives?

Your first year of domain name registration is free. If you registered your domain name through us, or transferred management of your domain name to MightyLittleWebsites.com when you first signed up, your bill for your 12th month of service will automatically include a fee for renewal of your domain name. If you do not cancel […]