Keywords and key phrases — how do I use ’em?

Here at, we get lots of questions about search engine optimization (SEO) and competing for keywords in search results. “What about META keywords in my page headers?” in particular is a question we’ve heard a lot this past year. Keywords are old technology. Keywords are an old way google and other search engines once used — before the mid-2000’s — to […]

No Heartbleed Here!

April 16, 2014 – Last week the intertubes were rocked by the discovery of a serious vulnerability in a recent version of OpenSSL, a software library used by millions of websites to encrypt and secure your connection to their sites. The “Heartbleed bug” allows hackers to read the memory of the systems using the vulnerable […]

Why isn’t my site showing up in a Google (or other search engine) search?

Your new website is initially configured to request that Google and other search engines not index your pages for search while you are still developing your content and site appearance. When you are ready for visitors to find your site, simply click on your admin screen’s ‘Settings’ / ‘Privacy’ submenu link and change this setting to […]