Try Before You Buy!

Want to see what the content management admin is like?  Want to try customizing a template with different backgrounds, themes or photos?  Get under the hood and see how we’ve integrated our set of themes and plugins.

  • Check out the visual themes and backgrounds 
  • Keep a tab open on our Getting Started articles while you poke around the demo. (Don’t worry, you won’t break anything!)
  • To log on to the demo: User name “guest” and password “MLGuest” (CASE SENSITIVE.) You’ll be taken to the demo site’s admin Dashboard — you can start playing around with Pages, Posts, Events, Appearance, and more, using the links in the left column. To see the effect of your changes, click on the ‘ Demo’ link in the gray bar at the top of the Dashboard screen. (This bar will persist on the front-end site side while you’re in edit mode, so you’ll be able to easily jump back and forth between the admin and front end.)