No Heartbleed Here!

April 16, 2014 – Last week the intertubes were rocked by the discovery of a serious vulnerability in a recent version of OpenSSL, a software library used by millions of websites to encrypt and secure your connection to their sites. The “Heartbleed bug” allows hackers to read the memory of the systems using the vulnerable versions of the software, essentially opening communications up to potential theft of data, like user names and passwords, that could harm your privacy or security.heartbleed-xd-off-webres

We’re delighted to tell you that® customer data and related communications are completely safe from the Heartbleed bug. Due to our conservative oversight of all software upgrades, our beloved customers’ crucial data were never at risk.

Many of the biggies – including Facebook and Google – have already patched the bug. You’ll probably hear from your bank, for instance, to assure you of their proactivity on behalf of your security. Heartbleed likely affects at least some of the websites where you are accustomed to providing sensitive personal data via a secure connection; you may want to change your passwords on all sensitive sites, as hackers could have gained access to passwords on those sites prior to the discovery and repair.

Here’s to hassle-free!

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