How to show a widget ONLY on your home page.

One cool little plugin which some of you may enjoy gives you control of when a widget displays on your site. It’s more fine control than many users want, but if for instance you want an events listing on your home page only, it’s right up your alley. It’s called Widget Logic, and it adds a field at the bottom of each widget you’ve emplaced in any of your theme’s widget areas.

Navigate to ‘Appearance’ / ‘Widgets’, and click the little gray down arrow at the right edge of the widget you wish to constrain. For our demonstration, we’re going to force this widget to display ONLY on your home page (just like it says in the headline).

Now paste this text into that field at the bottom of your widget:


Click ‘Save’ (bottom left of widget box) and you’re done. So easy!

There are many more controls you can assign to your widgets to create other display behaviors (only on blog posts, only on single pages, only on posts of a particular category). The FAQ documentation for Widget Logic is here for your further reference:

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