Am I responsible for renewing my own domain name?

If you registered your domain name through us, or transfered management of your domain name to when you first signed up, your bill for your 12th month of service will automatically include a fee for renewal of your domain name (usually less than $12/year.) If you do not cancel service and continue automatic payments of the hosting/maintenance fee, along with that annual domain name fee, your domain name will be renewed for you. If you choose to cancel, your domain name will expire on it’s anniversary date unless you arrange to transfer your domain name to a new registrar before that date.

You are responsible for maintaining a valid credit card for automatic payments of your service fees. If your credit card expires and you do not update that card information in your account panel, your account will be cancelled. (Never fear, if this should happen before your domain name expires, your site remains intact, but you’ll need to update your credit card info in your account panel before the domain name anniversary date so you can enjoy continuous service.

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