Do I really own my domain name or does own my domain name?

It’s yours from the get-go. We believe in your right to independence and authority!

When you first sign up you’ll get a temporary URL that will look like it is a part of’s domain name — something like this: New domain names can take 2-3 days to propagate (meaning the interwebs all need to learn and agree on where your new name lives and how to locate it when someone types in your URL.)  About 48 hours after your domain name’s successful registration, your new site should show up in your browser when you type in the real domain name.

Transferred domain names can take longer; don’t panic. If it has been more than a week since your purchase and your own URL isn’t connecting to your site when you type it into your browser window, please open a help ticket on our website and choose the ‘hosting’ option. Be sure to include your domain name or temporary URL in your message, and we’ll be happy to check on the status on your domain name’s propagation.

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