My domain name just expired! What happened? Can I get it back?

Your credit card may have expired, or you may have cancelled your service with  In either case, we are no longer the official managers of your domain name. If you have been managing your own domain name, you’ll need to get with the registrar at the service you used to purchase it.

Unless you are managing your own domain name, your first year of domain name registration is free with your site set up. If you registered your domain name through us, or transfered management of your domain name to when you first signed up, your bill for your 12th month of service automatically includes a fee for renewal of your domain name (usually under $12/year.) You are responsible for maintaining a valid credit card for automatic payments of your service fees. If your credit card expired and you did not update that card information in your account panel before your domain name anniversary date, your account was suspended and your domain name expired. If you chose to cancel service and discontinued automatic payments of the service fee, your domain name expired on it’s anniversary date unless you arranged to transfer your domain name to a new registrar before that date.

Getting it back: If your domain name has expired, you might be able to re-secure it. This will depend entirely on whether someone else has registered it for themselves after your ownership lapsed. You’ll need to contact a qualified domain name registrar to see if it is available. There may be additional fees or a waiting period involved.

If you have further questions about an expired domain name for a site, please open a support ticket and choose the ‘hosting’ option. Be sure to include your URL or account number in your message.

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